A Connection With Allah Cannot Be Established Merely From Books

Hazratwala (RA) mentioned:

Many things are are not acquired merely from books but rather they are acquired through listening.  For example, a mother teaches her infant the proper way of addressing its father by telling the child, “Say dad, say dad.”  Similarly when one sits with the Ahlullah, their ears secretly steal.  They listen to the nice things told to them and take it all in.  Then the ears of their soul hear and this enables their souls to proclaim the zikr of Allah by saying “Allah, Allah!”  The mother wants that her child learn to say “dad” quickly so that when the child lifts its small hands up and says “dad”, then that will stir up a great sense of mercy within the father.  Likewise, the Prophets (AS) and awliyaa’ desire that the servants of Allah quickly learn to say “Rabba” so that their Rabba enshrouds them with His mercy.  In a similar vein, think of this that the child whose mother passes away, is not able to call out to its father by saying “dad” because the mother is not present to teach the child to do so.  Therefore, it is imperative that one considers one’s spiritual guide and the life of the spiritual guide a blessing and learn from him how to properly call out to our Rabba, otherwise after the passing of the spiritual guide, one will not be able to say Rabba later.


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  1. muhammed arfin Says:

    subhan allah

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