Two Moments of Joy and Iftar Common Sense

Imam Tirmidhi (RA) narrates a hadeeth that the person who fasts will receives two joys: 1) In this world at Iftar time, and 2) On the day of judgment when they will meet their Lord. The person who fasts experiences such happiness at the time of Iftar that is inexplicable, while the person that neglects to fast is deprived from this joy.  This is clearly evident by the look on the face of the  fasting and non-fasting person at Iftar time.  If a person has neglected to fast and is still eating Iftar thinking, “Man, how I can I leave such a delicious dahi bada (a typical Iftar item of the Indo/Pak subcontinent)”, the zaalim’s face will clearly show that he was not fasting.  The fasting person’s face will have a natural noor, and a unique shine to it.

As I mentioned earlier, that Hazratwala (RA) always kept the Shari’ah in the forefront, so he mentions further, that on this note, due to Iftar parties and invitations, it is not permissible to leave the congregation of Maghrib.  Wherever and whenever there is an Iftar party, and there is a samosa or dahi bada  dish or some fancy exquisite fish, but the fishy part is to leave Maghrib on account of some food that isn’t going to run away upon returning from salat wth jama’at.  Have a couple of dates for Iftar, drink some water, go pray, and then come back and then eat comfortably in peace.  Eating quickly to go pray quickly will eliminate the enjoyment in both the food and the prayer…A loss of the dunya and the aakhirah.  That is why it should be mentioned clearly to the host of such gatherings that we will pray Maghrib in congregation, and then upon our return, we will eat as much as you would like us to.  That way the host will not be offended either, otherwise the host will be worried since they made so much in preparing such a wonderful Iftar and everyone is leaving to go pray.  So it is best to inform the host ahead of time so that each action can be done with ease, and a person can break their fast, pray in peace, and enjoy their meal upon returning in peace as well.  However to stuff one’s self so much for Iftar that when you go for sajdah, the dahi badas and samosas are falling out from your throat is not allowed.  You yourself are going into sajdah saying, “Allahu Akbar, Allah bada hai,” and at the same time the dahi bada is saying, “I’m bada as well, so I’m going to come out first!”  So what genuine need is there to stuff yourself so much for Iftar?!  Eat enough to be able to pray Maghrib, Isha and Taraweeh properly.  Do not eat so much that you feel sleepy, and skip Taraweeh altogether, or you are burping away during Taraweeh announcing to the guy next to you everything that was on the menu for your Iftar.  No one is saying not to eat, rather I am saying to eat and enjoy your food…Just eat such an amount that you no longer feel very hungry afterwards, and it digests properly without any issues, because intentionally causing yourself and your stomach to go through pain is also not allowed. 

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