Do Not Be Sad By the Passing of Ramadan

Now that taraweeh has ended, i’tikaaf has ended, and it was the last day to fast, it is as if the vacation now begins for a whole year.  So long as Allah had us tied up in fasting, and the other various actions of Ramadan, so then we should remain tied up, but now that He has set us free, we should be extremely happy and express our joy.  Allah loves this specific type of expression of joy from His slaves and servants.  This is why O friends, once Ramadan has come to an end, do not be saddened, and say, “Oh, how I wish Ramadan would not end, Oh my God, Ramadan is gone, how sad!”  Rather one should spend their time rejoicing over the arrival of ‘Eid and making dua’ to Allah for the acceptance of all the good one has done throughout the month of Ramadan.  Be grateful that Allah has facilitated the passing of Ramadan for us, where we were able to fast, and pray, and make dua’ and do various other righteous deeds, and now allows us to enjoy the joys of ‘Eid.  Do not lament over the passing of Ramadan because this is not a sign of true piety.  True piety is to be pleased with whatever condition the Master puts you in.  Our Master, Allah has now brought an end to Ramadan and has showered upon us the joys of ‘Eid, so we should show Him our appreciation of this gift by expressing our happiness rather than showing our sadness.  How would we feel if we give someone a gift and instead of smiling after receiving our gift, they frown and become sad?  As long as Allah has us tied up in some work, then remain tied up in that work, but when He sets you free, then express your joy over that freedom.  For example, if Zaid ties up Bakr for a while, then unties Bakr and releases Bakr, but Bakr is still sitting there feeling sad that Zaid let him go, then Bakr would be a “bay-waqoof”, a fool for not jumping with joy over being released and set free.

Once there was a pseudo-sufi that added water in his food to get rid of the taste in order to discipline his nafs.  When a true sufi became aware of this act of the other person, he sighed and explained, “If only this fool realized that had he left his food the way it was tasting nice, and thanked Allah after every morsel for blessing him with delicious food, this would have been better for him…Now he will just have to force himself to swallow watered-down food, and neither will this discipline his nafs, nor will he be truly be grateful for the meal he was given.  To show one’s gratitude for the blessings of Allah is also a great form of worship.  This poor soul has now deprived himself of this act of worship.”  By virtue of being in the company of those that truly recognize Allah, the ‘Arifeen, Allah grants His ma’rifat.

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