Lustful Glances and Illicit Relationships

In this day an age, the temptation towards to opposite gender is extremely severe, particularly for those people treading the path of piety. Shaytaan traps the nafs quickly in this temptation because the apparent hindrances seem less. He makes one guilty of casting lustful glances towards non-mahrams (any person of the opposite gender with whom marriage is permissible).

Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA) writes:

1. The harms and calamities caused by having any kind of relationship with non-mahrams whether by looking at them, speaking to them to soothe oneself, or sitting by them in solitude or by beautifying one’s clothes to please or to speak gently with them are so serious that I cannot pen them down.

2. Illicit relationships are a form of ‘azaab-e-Ilaahi (Divine Punishment). Just as a person will be restless in hell-he will neither die nor live, similarly, after casting lustful glances, a person becomes involved in illicit fascinations and becomes restless and uneasy. He is completely deprived of a peaceful sleep. Both his secular and religious life is destroyed. Eventually he is admitted to an asylum. Today a large percentage of mental hospital patients are those who became insane after watching videos, movies, television, and reading lewd novels, etc…

3. After casting lustful glances and having evil thoughts, if the consequence is the act of sin, then both the participants become eternally despised. They will not even be able to look at each other in the eye. Just as a kind father wants his son to live a life of respect and not be involved in any despicable sin, likewise Allah’s infinite mercy also requires that His servants do not become immersed in any detested act and disgrace themselves. They should live a life of piety, respect, contentment with halal, and patience in abstaining from haram. The people of this world cool their eyes with worldly pleasures while the special servants of Allah cool their eyes with the worship and zikr or Allah, which is everlasting and eternal. Worldly pleasures are enveloped by thousands of calamities and are temporal.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi WA Sallam) has cursed the one who casts evil glances and the one who is looked at by invoking the curse of Allah upon these people. People who fear the curse of the pious Auliyaa’ should be more afraid of the curse of Allah’s messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi WA Sallam). May Allah protect us.

The temporal beauty that will only last a few days makes one go insane. After a few days, the contours of the face change and the features become unattractive in old age. How many youth have destroyed their lives due to this fatal illness!

Allah is fully aware of those who cast evil glances as is clearly stated in the Quran. Allah knows very well the doings of your eyes. Why did Allah express the act of casting evil glances with the word “San’at” (to make) in Surah Al-Mu’minun? The reason is that the one who casts lustful glances makes different images and pictures of the object of his desire in his mind. Sometimes he kisses in his imagination, at other times he embraces, and so on. Therefore, Allah mentioned that He is fully aware of all these different acts. Allamah Aalusi (RA) explains in his tafseer Ruh-ul-M’aani under four headings:

a) Allah is aware of how you maneuver your gaze and look with lustful eyes.

b) The one who casts evil glances uses all five senses. Allah is aware of all this. Allah is watching the use of his senses, in smelling, hearing and looking etc…

c) Allah is fully aware of the movements of all the limbs. Allah is watching how he uses his limbs to obtain and fulfill his desires.

d) Allah is aware of his final aim, which is adultery or fornication. This informative sentence has a threat concealed within it, that is, he will be punished severely.

I have come across many victims of evil glances and fantasizing throughout my life and all of them admitted that their lives were bitter, they lost sleep, they were anxious and uneasy, they were suicidal, their health deteriorated, their hearts were full of fear, they became physically and mentally weak. I always believed that these are various forms of punishment from Allah for this fascination and handing over one’s heart to anything or anyone other than Allah.

The attractive people that are walking around today on earth will one day be reduced to dirt in the grave. After their death, if you happen to open their graves, you will only find dirt. One might ask, “Where are the rosy cheeks, the red lips, the flowing hair, and the soft skin?” In the grave, it will all be the same. None of the body parts can be distinguished. Allah has placed beauty on in this “dirt” to see who will die for this temporal beauty and who will sacrifice their life for Allah and His messenger (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam). Had this glitter and glamor not been placed in this “dirt” then what test would there have been? Therefore, do not be deceived by this glamor.

-Bad Nigaahi Wa ‘Ishq-e-Majaazi ke Tabaah Kaariyaan Aur Unka ‘Ilaaj

(Evil Glances and Illicit Love: Harms and Cure)

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10 Comments on “Lustful Glances and Illicit Relationships”

  1. I found this kitaab on lustful glances and illicit relationships very interesting..enjoyed the urdu extracts ..would appreciate if you could give me the urdu translated in english…

  2. Nabeel Khan Says:

    Wa’laikum Salaam,
    Jazakallah Hisham for your effort in spreading the words of the pious for the benefit of others. May Allah reward you for your effort. Aameen.
    Nabeel Khan

  3. Hisham Says:

    JazakhAllah khair for clarifying, I have posted this article on many forums. Sheikh, your articles are such that the youth or any person can relate to them. And these are the type of articles we are in need of.

  4. Abu Yahya Says:

    Actually, what Hazratwala (damat barakatuhum) is saying here is that if one studies the statistics of people who have ultimately ended up in prisons and insane asylums, it is mostly due to sexual abuse, pedophile, rape, sexual assault, etc.

    There are hundreds of studies and reports available on the internet which argue this same fact.

    In one of these studies it was proven that:

    “Sex offenders, such as rapists, pedophiles, and exhibitionists, are among the highest reoccurring offense populations in the United States probation system. These offenders commit crimes that put fear into the general public and pose a threat to people that live in their neighborhoods…”

    If we look a little deeper at what the underlying causes of these sexual offenses and addictions were, pornography would be the number one cause of it all.

  5. Nabeel Khan Says:

    Wa’laikum assalaam,
    Yes, it is true to some degree. It is not an exaggeration. Just visit the mental wards and you will find mentally ill patients who think they are involved with some actor or actress. During one of my psychology classes, we actually visited a mental health rehab center. Many of the patients had this issue. Also, the words, “A large number” doesn’t mean the majority, it just means a large number.

  6. Hisham Says:

    “Eventually he is admitted to an asylum. Today a large percentage of mental hospital patients are those who became insane after watching videos, movies, television, and reading lewd novels, etc…”
    Sheikh Nabeel is this really true? Some people who I sent to, see this as an exaggeration.

  7. Haya Says:

    SubhanAllah! This has to be told to the young generation of today it is something very common.Please give us more details of this topic

  8. Ali Says:

    Had this glitter and glamor not been placed in this “dirt” then what test would there have been?

    Allahu akbar!

    Jazaakumullaahu khairan for maintaining this site.

  9. mujahid7ia Says:

    I think this is a huge problem for Muslims today. Perhaps you could post more excerpts from this book.

    Jazak Allahu khayr for this post. In sha` Allah this will be a sadaqah jariyyah for you.

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