12 Harms of Sinning

The Harms of Sinning


Hazrat-e-Aqdas Maulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahib (RA)

Khalifah-e-Ajall of Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA)


1.  One becomes inclined towards the Dunya, and disinclined towards the Aakhirat.

2.  A black dot appears on the heart.  This dot will be removed by repentance, otherwise it will continue to spread till the whole heart is covered.

3.  The wrath of Allah descends upon the sinner.

4.  A decrease in rizq.

5.  Benefits of good deeds also go to waste.

6.  One loses the ability to be steadfast on the Deen, and the strength of the heart is weakened.

7.  Through shameless and lewd acts, such diseases will spread never existed before.

8.  By not paying Zakat, rain is held back from the skies.

9.  By committing injustice and breaking promises, one becomes subjugated and conquered by one’s enemies.

10. By not being honest is trade and business, drought and hardships descend, and rulers become oppressive.

11. By treachery and deception, one is overtaken by the fear of the enemy.

12. Love of the Dunya and abhorrence for death brings cowardice in a person.  One’s own fear and awe is lifted  from the heart of the enemy.


For these reasons one should not come anywhere close to sins, whether they be spiritual or physical sins.  The methods of repentance from both types of sins should be inquired about from the mashaa’ikh.  Allah is Most Forgiving and Most Merciful.


We pray to Allah that he keeps us away from evil and evil away from us, and if we happen to err, that He grants us the ability to sincerely repent immediately.  Aameen!


Ruh Ki Bimaariyaan Aur Unka ‘Ilaaj, part 2 pg. 142

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