The Meaning of a Muttaqi


Allah states that O Muslims, become a muttaqi. So so this means every male and female should save themselves from every type of sin.

Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Abdullah Phoolpuri (DB)

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2 Comments on “The Meaning of a Muttaqi”

  1. farhan Ali Says:

    There is a lot of ways to bright our kids future we just have to focus on islam and Education right from Aspirant to Student to Academia and Industry and give donate to islamic charity for build a masjid project

  2. One has to understand the essence of belief. No one is saying that one should not wash one’s hands. Everyone knows that “safai nisf iman hai”. Probably the germs are not killed by reciting the kalma but look at the firm trust of this car mechanic in Allah. It is called tawakal. The moral of this story is about tawakal in Allah.
    According to Islaam!

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