So You Want to be Something Huh?

Hazrat Hakim-ul-Ummah Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (rahimahullah) addressing his students and disciples said:

Unfortunately the condition of people (who are treading the path of Deen) today is that they want to quickly become “something” from the get-go before actually doing anything. I say to them, that even the fact that Allah Ta`ala accepts us to be involved and occupied with His Deen is a great status and bounty in itself. What more of a blessing can a person ask for than being occupied in the Deen of Allah Ta`ala.

As for that person who desires to become “something” and gain some name and status for himself through Deen, then remember this well…this person is a very unfortunate and deprived (mahroom) person. Annihilate your desires of status and name and remain busy in His servitude, being hopeful of His grace. 

Never become hopeless of Him due to your weaknesses and shortcomings. Stand up and move (trusting in Him alone) and see how Allah makes all the difficulties easy and removes the obstacles. 

The condition of treading this path is that one must have talab (the fervent desire) and the problem with us today is that we do not have the talab to attain Allah alone. DESIRE ALLAH ALONE, AND THEN SEE WHAT HAPPENS.” 

(Malfoozat-e-Hakim-ul-Ummah; Vol. 7, Pg. 74) 


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