Six Advices for Performing Good Deed and Avoiding Sins

1.   Use one’s courage to say no to sin. No sin, you win. If one shows cowardice, Shaytaan shall sit on his head. If one were attacked by a knife-yielding rogue, ready to slit one’s throat, would one just sit back and let him do so? Would one not fight for his life? Just as one fears cancer, and one fears his life being taken by murderers, and one fears stones forming in his bladder, the fear of displeasing Allah should be even more, since this could lead to the destruction of one’s Imaan. To save one’s life, the first thing one does is to flee to safety. Similarly, one should flee whenever one’s Imaan is in danger! If a beautiful face approaches, change one’s course.  Never look at women unveiled! Our elders have even warned against staring at the form of veiled women, for this too is not free from harm.

2.  Regularly perform two rakaats of Salatul-Haajat (Salaah at the time of need). Thereafter, with enthusiasm and great hope in the mercy of Allah, together with the shedding of some tears, beg for His help and mercy. When one is diagnosed of cancer, the fervor with which he makes dua is well known. With that very same fervor, implore Allah to save you and your family from His anger and punishment and from those actions which invite His wrath. Say, “O Allah, it is Haraam for me to spend even a moment in Your displeasure! It is against the etiquettes of a slave to displease his master. O Allah, after receiving such bounties from You, how could I then ever utilize these favours in Your disobedience? If the opportunity to perform Salaatul-Haajat does not arise, make these duas after any fardh salaat.

3.   Request duas from the selected servants of Allah.

4.  After consulting with the friends of Allah and receiving some prescribed azkaar (forms of remembering Allah), complete it with punctuality. By taking Allah’s name, light is created within the heart. Thereafter, if ever this light were to be extinguished, one would naturally become perplexed and not rest until his light comes on again. Only those are disturbed by the darkness, which had previously enjoyed light. Thus, a course of Zikrullah is of vital importance.

5.  Endeavour to come into the company of the friends of Allah, as much as possible. Just as how desi (natural) mangoes when tied together with langra (hybrid) mangoes, also becomes langra (hybrid), similarly, whosoever spends time in the company of the friends of Allah, there is great hope that he too shall one day, Insha Allah, become the friend of Allah.

6.  Avoid all avenues which could result in sin, with the eyes, the heart and the body. Do not look at those places, nor allow those thoughts to enter one’s heart. Strive to keep the heart clean of all filthy thoughts. Move away from wherever there is a possibility of one being attracted to evil. Avoiding the avenues of evil must be done collectively, with the body, the eyes, and the heart. One may be seated far from the evil, but by merely looking at it, its effects shall fall upon the heart, no matter how far away it may be. Whether one physically enters the area of evil, or glances towards it from far, or merely takes enjoyment in its thoughts, in all three instances, its poison shall dampen his spirits and create cowardice within him. After taking poison, even the company of one’s Shaikh shall have little effect. This poison shall then draw one towards places more advanced in evil.

– Selections from The People of Allah and Their Independence of Hazratwala (DB)

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2 Comments on “Six Advices for Performing Good Deed and Avoiding Sins”

  1. Shakil Says:

    Mashallah, this is very beneficial, may Allah Ta’ala reward you.

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