Principles for the Success of Both Worlds

Principles for the Success of Both Worlds:

The Counsels and Advices of

Hakeem-ul-Ummah Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA)

Compiled by:

Hazrat Mawlana Abrar-ul-Haq (RA)


I have read Hakeem-ul-Ummah Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi ‘s (RA) counsels in Ashraf-us-Sawanih.  I read them to some friends and they were very much positively influenced. So I thought to extract and publish them separately so that everyone may easily benefit from them.  Keeping the text of Hakeem-ul-Ummah Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA) in tact, I have gathered selected counsels and advices.  Those who benefit from this are kindly requested to remember this servant in their prayers.

[Hazrat Mawlana] Abrar-ul-Haq

Madrasah Ashraf-ul-Madaris, Hardoi, U.P. India

6th Ramadhan 1368 AH


  1. I emphatically stress upon my friends specifically, and all the Muslims generally, that it is compulsory (fardh ‘ayn) upon every individual to learn the sacred knowledge and to impart it to their children, whether this is via books or the company of the scholars. Apart from this, there is no way to be protected from religious adversities, which are abundantly prevalent today.  Never should one be heedless and negligent in this regard.
  2. I advise students of knowledge to not be deluded by solely relying upon formal learning and teaching.  The real fruition of academic pursuits is dependent upon the service, company, and grace of the men of Allah.  One should rigorously make an effort to fulfill this.
  3. Keeping at the forefront any religious and worldly harms, I advise everyone to specifically be cautious in regards to following:I request all those people that are spiritually linked to me to remember for their whole lives, to recite Surah Ya-Seen once or Surah Ikhlas thrice, daily.  Then to have the reward sent to me.  However, no one should be involved in anything that is contrary to the sunnah, or get involved in a innovative custom of the laity or the scholars in doing so.
    1. Do not act upon the mandates of lust and anger.
    2. Hastiness is a horrendous thing.
    3. Do not do anything without proper consultation.
    4. Leave backbiting in its entirety.
    5. Avoid abundant speech even it may be allowed (mubah).  Also, mixing with people abundantly unless it is for some dire need or a desired benefit.  It is particularly extremely harmful when it reaches a level of friendship, and even more so when every random person is made to be confidant.
    6. Do not eat unless it is due to proper hunger.
    7. Do not have sexual intercourse unless it is due to severe urge.
    8. Do take a loan unless it is due to an extenuating need.
    9. Do not even go near spending money unnecessarily on things one does not need.
    10. Do not hoard unneeded items.
    11. Do not make it a habit to be harsh natured or ill tempered; rather one should symbolize kindness, forbearance, and tolerance.
    12. Abstain from ostentation and unnecessary formalities in one’s speech, actions, food, and dress.
    13. Those of religious prestige should not inappropriately treat worldly leaders, nor should they mingle with worldly leaders too much.  They should not be made the objective, particularly to acquire some worldly benefit.
    14. One should consider the having of clean and transparent financial dealings to be more vital than optional virtuous deeds.
    15. Exercise extreme caution in narrating religious narrations and incidents.  Many religious and erudite individuals are negligent in either understanding or relating.
    16. Never take medicine at all in general unnecessarily, and in the case of necessity, without the prescription and advice of an expert caring physician.
    17. Guard the tongue to the fullest extent from any sin and vain speech.
    18. Abide by the truth and do not insist upon one’s own statement.
    19. Do not increase one’s acquaintances.
    20. Do not interfere in other people’s worldly matters.
  4. I request all those that are spiritually linked to me to remember for their whole lives, to recite Surah Ya-Seen once dailay or Surah Ikhlas thrice daily.  Thereafter to send the reward to me, without getting into anything contrary to the sunnah, or an innovative custom of the laity or the scholars.
  5. As much as possible, one should not get attached to this world and that which is in it, and never be unmindful of the hereafter.  One should always strive to be in such a state that if death comes, then one is prepared.  One should not live such that if death one would then wish to Allah, “If you had deferred this to nearby time in order that I may spend in charity and be amongst the righteous.”  Always should think that perhaps this breath of mine is my last breath. Perpetually, one should repent for sins committed during the day before nightfall, and for the sins committed during the night before daybreak.  One should to the fullest extent of one’s ability abstain from violating the rights of the servants of Allah.
  6. One should consider khatimah bil khayr (to die with iman by being able to recite the kalimah before death) as the greatest and most perfect bounty. One should particularly after the five daily prayers, with the utmost humility, cry and beg Allah to grant this bounty. Be grateful for the iman Allah has currently granted, as this is the greatest means of achieving khatimah bil khayr.  As per Allah’s promise, “If you are grateful, surely indeed I will increase you.”  Along with this, I request that the same supplication be made for me also.


With that, I end this article.  I pray that Allah grants me death with iman as well.

Ashraf-us-Sawanih Vol. 3 pg. 114-116

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2 Comments on “Principles for the Success of Both Worlds”

  1. Ahmed Says:

    Alhamdulliah, Extremely Beneficial Advice.I have sent and shared to all my colleagues

  2. Imran Syed Says:


    I shared this with everybody I know. It is a great reminder.

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