From Beyond the Heart

Due to the infinite wisdom of Allah, I had fallen really ill late last night. Living where I live, I have no family close by. By the grace of Allah, I feel that I have been granted something far greater, i.e. students who care for my well being. All day today and even during the night, they have been “lecturing” me about how I need to look after my health etc. In fact, one of them was willing to go as far as to forcefully drop me home so I can rest.

I have no blood relation with these people, but we do have is mutual love for one another for the sake of Allah. It is the love of Allah that binds us together. These people care so much for me that I cannot express it in words. In fact, vocabulary is deficient in its ability to express my true inner feelings.

I realize that I have many deficiencies when it comes to Deen and Dunya, but I desire and expect nothing but the best from my students. I see them to be a means of my salvation in the hereafter. I myself have nothing to present in the court of Allah.  I just hope that these students of mine serve as a means of my salvations.  If Allah asks me what I have brought, I will just hopefully present them.

Their behavior today made me realize how unworthy I am, and how kind Allah is, that He has put me in the midst of such people who care so much who are willing to go out of there way for a stubborn sinner like myself.  My earnest request to anyone who reads this or benefits from this blog, is that they please make dua’ for me, but also make dua’ for my students who are an inspiration for me.  Pray to Allah that He makes us all amongst the Awliyaa Siddiqeen.  Aameen!

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8 Comments on “From Beyond the Heart”

  1. Meraj Khattak Says:

    May Allah SWT grant you a long and healthy life. Ameen

    May Allah SWT make your students the true khadim of deen. Ameen

  2. A Khadim Says:

    May Allah grant you and your students a long and healthy life insha Allah, Ameen!

  3. Randomperson Says:

    Your the bomb!

  4. Faraz Abdul Moid Says:



  5. True Life Says:


    What a beautiful entry, Maulana Sahab.

  6. Asif Says:

    May Allah fulfill your dreams, in this world and the next. May Allah give you shifa soon. And may your students become flag bearers of Deen in the world.

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