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Though, most types of questions and concerns can be addressed through the comments sections of the blog, many people (male and female)  have expressed their desire that there should be a means of direct contact for issues that are important or urgent in nature. There are two ways to contact me:

1. Emailing me at or by commenting on any post by leaving your email and stating that you wish to be contacted to discuss something and that you would not like your comment to be published.

2. Requesting a phone appointment by emailing me or by leaving an unpublished comment. I will email you back with a number and appropriate times when I can be reached. You may also leave your number if you want to, and I will then call you back at my convenience.

Since I have many other duties and responsibilities that I have to tend to throughout the day and night, Insha Allah, I will reply in 1-7 days.

Jazakallahu Khairan,

Nabeel Khan

20 Comments on “Contact Information”

  1. Asadullah77 shaikh Says:

    Need books printed

  2. Dr M ISHAQ Beg Says:

    My children studying in convent school For deeni talim one hafiz sb used to teach them daily During period of holiday I want them to send to your madarsa How will it be possible

  3. Afroz Says:

    am not keeping well all of a sudden. I might be under bad spiritual please help

  4. Salam alaykun,pls how can you assist my wife sir over a strange movement in her body which has been there for long.

  5. shakir Says:

    I live in Bangladesh. I’m searching for a true wali Allah. Could you tell me if there is any true wali Allah in Bangladesh?

  6. ABDUl khadeer Says:

    i want to take a baith from the silsila of abrar ul haq sab ., where i want take dis am from hyderabad (A.P)

  7. Shiraz Says:

    AOA – Are you khalifa?

  8. anna Says:

    aslauaikm i want to contact wth mulana hakim akhtar sahib daembarakatahm how can i

  9. Mohammad arfin Says:

    As salamwalekum w w b.bismihii ta ala.hazrateala db.make dua for my exam and illness

  10. Mohammad arfin Says:

    As salamwalekum w w b.bismihi ta ala.hazratwala db.i am a mechanical engg 8th semester exam will start from july14.kindly make dua for me.ia am from india.

  11. Omar Says:

    Assalam o alaikum i was wondering if i can tell sheikh about my spiritual problems. I have been struggling with fewproblem for a long time and do not how to clean my nafs from it.
    Your help will be appreciated

  12. shamima khatoon Says:

    ASSalamualkam Maulana sahib ,

    I am a mureed of Hazrat meer sahib DB . I want my Islah e nafas and I want to attend your majalis I live in florida . How can I attend your majalis islah e nafas .

    • Nabeel Khan Says:

      Bismihi Ta’ala,
      Wa ‘Alaykum Assalaam,

      Please send an email to the email address in the “contact information” section. Insha Allah you will be notified as to how you may attend majlis.

      Please keep us in your dua’s.


  13. Naeem Hassan Baksh Says:

    Asalaamu Alikum Wa Rahmatulah Wa Barakaatuhu.Respected reader whom is reading this letter, i’m trying to apply to your Magnificent Darul Uloom ,please accept me for the sake of Allah, im pleading with you, i’m 18 years of age and i’m presently studying the Aalim course at Darul Uloom Trinidad and Tobago,i would like to come to your country inshallah and study at your beautiful and blessed madrasah, i would be very gratefull if you reply back to my letter inshallah…Asalaamu Alikum



    Very educative and interesting site. Alhamdulillah.
    A small change in my opinion at the very first line. Replacing ‘proliferation’ by ‘propagation’ would be more appropriate.
    Jazaak Allah

  15. mohammed fazil Says:

    asalam alekum

  16. Zafar Says:

    Assalaamu alikum Shaykh Saheb,

    i am interested in attending your halaqahs in islamabad pakistan. i am currently living in islamabad and would be grateful if you could give the address please.

    Jazak Allah


  17. zeeshan Says:

    assalam-o-alaikum brother
    i dont know if the question iam gonna ask is relevant to this website or not.
    other day me and some of my friends were having a converstaion on the life of shah shams tabraiz and one of my friend came out with this statement that shah shams tabraiz was born of a virgin girl and according to him his mother was the daughter of moulana rumi ,although he could back up his statement with any concrete proof but i still wanna know if this statement is correct?? and if not then what was name of shah shams tabraiz.please do provide some authentic evidence

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