Tawbah and Time Tenses

Posted August 20, 2014 by Nabeel Khan
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To sin is a verb or an act or action.  Therefore it has three time tenses, i.e. past, present, and future.  So when we repent and seek forgiveness, we should do so with these three time tenses in mind.  We should repent for all of our sins, the ones in the past, past, present, and future.  Everyone understands why we would repent for past sins, but why the present and the future?  We should repent for the present because we lack the sincerity that Allah deserves even while presently repenting.  We should repent for the future we are human and are prone to sin.  So perhaps by acknowledging our weakness and hoping in His mercy, He will forgive us in the future, or even better, facilitate for us not to sin, and if by chance we do, then He allows us the opportunity to repent and ask for forgiveness.  One of the scariest consequences of sin is that the sinner is deprived from repentance.

Gifts of Obedience

Posted August 20, 2014 by Nabeel Khan
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Hasan Al-Basri (RA) said, “That individual who comes out of the immodesty and immorality of disobedience and sin and enters into the morality of faith, virtue, and obedience, he is blessed with the gifts:

1. He enjoys being in seclusion in the love of Allah.

2. He is given true wealth in the form of contentment with whatever he has.

3. Allah shows him his own faults.

The Result of Hard Work

Posted August 2, 2014 by Nabeel Khan
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“Allah’s habit that He has established is the result of hard work and effort is comfort and ease.  Hence, the verse, “Truly where there is hardship, there is also ease.””

Malfuzaat-e-Kamaalaat-e-Ashrafiya #42

“Depressing Eids” “اُداس عیدیں”

Posted July 30, 2014 by Nabeel Khan
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An Urdu poem by Mawlana Ahmadullah Phoolpuri Sahib (DB), the great-grandson of Hazrat Mawlana Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri (RA) about the horrendous situation in Palestine

“اُداس عیدیں”

میں اُن کو کیسے کہوں ‘مبارک‘؟

وہ جن کے نورِ نظر گئے ہیں

وہ مائیں جن کے جگر کے ٹکڑے

گُلوں کی صورت بکھر گئے ہیں

وہ جن کی دکھ سے بھری دعائیں

فلک پہ ہلچل مچا رہی ہیں

میرے ہی دِیں کی بہت سی نسلیں

اداس عیدیں منا رہی ہیں

وہ بچے عیدی کہاں سے لیں گے؟

تباہ گھر میں جو پل رہے ہیں

وہ جن کی مائیں ہیں نذرِ آتشوہ

جن کے آباء جل رہےہیں

وہ جن کی ننھی سی پیاری آنکھیں

ہزاروں آنسو بہا رہی ہیں

میرے ہی دِیں کی بہت سی نسلیں

اداس عیدیں منا رہی ہیں

بتاؤ اُن کو میں عمدہ تحفہ

کہاں سے کر کے تلاش بھیجوں؟

بہن کو بھائی کی نعش بھیجوں

یا ماں کو بیٹے کی لاش بھیجوں؟

جہاں پہ قومیں بہت سے تحفے

بموں کی صورت میں پا رہی ہیں

میرے ہی دِیں کی بہت سی نسلیں

اداس عیدیں منا رہی ہیں

وہاں سجانے کو کیا ہے باقی؟

جہاں پہ آنسو سجے ہوئے ہیں

جہاں کی مہندی ہے سرخ خوں کی

جنازے ہر سُو سجے ہوئے ہیں

جہاں پہ بہنیں شہیدِ حق پر

ردائے ابیض سجا رہی ہیں

میرے ہی دِیں کی بہت سی نسلیں

اداس عیدیں منا رہی ہیں

احمداللہ پھول پوری

Do Not Prove the Zeal of Ramadan to be Temporary

Posted July 27, 2014 by Nabeel Khan
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May our steadfastness in praying as we have in Ramadan and the zeal to do other good deeds in Ramadan remain throughout the rest of the year.  Otherwise, how many people are there that once the moon is sighted for ‘Eid, immediately begin disobeying Allah?  How nonsensical is it that for a whole month they abstained from certain halal blessings and now that the moon was sighted begin to partake in haram acts?  All the evil they had abstained from and held themselves back from for an entire month, all of a sudden now somehow becomes permissible for these people?  The example of this like the cat that suddenly exposes its nails.  A cat normally keeps its nails hidden in its paws, but when the cat becomes, angry, or agitated, it exposes its nails.  The cat’s nails are so dangerous that it can scratch and seriously damage a person’s face.  This is exactly how our nafs is too.  The moment we become a little lax then know that something very wrong is about to happen.  But we should know that the moment we become a bit lax and the nafs now comes out to party, the wrath and anger of Allah descend upon that nafs, i.e. Allah will disgrace that nafs.  May Allah protect us from such harms. 

So in this blessed night, make a firm resolution that as we have tried to stay with taqwa throughout the month of Ramadan, so too shall we try to stay with taqwa throughout the remainder of the year.  As the masjid has been full of people praying, we shall try to keep the masjid as full throughout the rest of the year.  As Allah has allowed us to abundantly worship Him in this month, so too shall we abundantly worship Him throughout the remainder of the year.  May Allah always keep us as those that forever are His righteous, pious, worshiping servants and slaves.  Aameen.


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